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Why are we seeing such a prolonged dry spell of weather?

Good afternoon everyone.

Many have been wondering why we have had such a dry spell since early April and seen a lot of people commenting that it could be down to less air and road traffic pollution.

Well this isn’t scientific proven and no evidence to say otherwise.

Met speaking, we have seen what is known as blocking High Pressure for when high pressure moves across us and sits to the east over eastern Europe.

This helps block any Atlantic weather systems from making their way across and into the UK.

It also helps split up the Jet Stream driving it north over northern parts of the UK and south into southern parts of the continent of Spain and Portugal.

Here most who follow Lightning activity on radar would have been seeing a lot of storms develop over southern France and Spain of late.

This blocking pattern will continue from Sunday, keeping the dry theme going and higher temperatures expected once again from Tuesday onwards.

Hope that has cleared up the reason behind the dry weather and that it is NOT due to less air or road traffic of late.

It is what we normally see during our late spring and during our summer months if we manage to get such a set up and why in June and July last year the hottest summer since records began apart from 1976.

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