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Christmas Team Break.

Confirmation of our services over the Christmas period and lead up to New Year's celebrations..

Good evening,

I can confirm the daily forecasts will continue over the Christmas period.

Don’t worry, I’m not being a Grinch to the team, the dailies will be prepared and scheduled in advance by Lynnie, Jane, Nay, Phil and Shanna.

Your week ahead general forecasts will be released on the 20th December, 27th December and 3rd of January by myself, so there will be no break in receiving your general outlooks over Christmas and leading up to New Year’s celebrations.

The Administration and management team will be finishing at 14:00 on the 23rd of December and returning on the 2nd of January 2021.

This will mean less it is an emergency, there will be no replies to your PMs, emails, comments and no liking your responses.

I will be personally monitoring your messages over the Christmas break.

I will as always continue to issue any adverse weather warnings if required so you are always kept up to speed on what to expect if heading out.

So to recap, there will be no break in our services to you that you will notice throughout the festive period, apart from no responses to messages or emails, these will be picked up adhoc over the festive break and only replied to if it cannot wait until the 2nd of January onwards.

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