Our Story

About UK Southwest Storm Chasers

Southwest Storm Chasers (SWSC) was founded by Dean Lanick in October 2013 after the Southwest of the UK was hit by multiple low-pressure systems, causing millions of pounds’ worth of damage to residential properties, local businesses, and transport networks. Since then, we have provided factual warnings which have helped protect local farmers’, business’, and residents’ properties from potentially catastrophic damage due to poor weather warnings.

Our goal was to create an active online community of people working together to become a lifeline for those impacted or about to be impacted by potentially damaging weather, from storm surges to flooding concerns. We started with just 50 followers and have since grown to over 65,000 dedicated followers and are still growing.

Behind the scenes, we have a fantastic team of volunteers who donate their free spare time to help bring you the latest updates. Our followers are also part of the SWSC family. If it wasn’t for their input, letting us know what is happening in their local area at peak storm events, we don’t think we’d be where we are today.

Thank you for all of your support! You have all helped build our community effort into what it is.