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Daily forecast for Cornwall and Devon

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Good morning

A very cloudy morning to come with mist and fog along the North Cornwall and Devon coasts. This cloud will bring some damp drizzly conditions with it. We won’t see many breaks in this cloud so don’t hold up hope for any sunshine just yet.

As we move into the afternoon we’ll continue to see a lot of cloud along that north coast but inland we should start to see that cloud break up a little and the onset of some sunny spells.

Overnight thick cloud with outbreaks of rain from time to time and also that risk of mist and fog in some areas.

Temperature: Daily highs of 19 degrees but will feel quite muggy, overnight lows of 13 degrees.

Wind: N-NW 10 to 20 mph through the day, W-NW overnight.

Pollen: High

UV: Moderate

Sunrise: 05.11 Sunset: 21.35

Pressure: 1024mb

Humidity: 96%

Visibility: Very poor through the morning, Moderate in the afternoon turning poor overnight.

Have a good day.

Lynnie Adams

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